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At F-JAC Election Consultancy, our expertise lies in crafting data-driven 360-degree election campaigns, providing strategic counsel to our clients, and executing on-ground strategies with precision. Our organization comprises six internal verticals, working synergistically to deliver state-of-the-art political consulting services exclusively tailored

About us

Welcome to F-JAC Election Consultancy , a dynamic and forward-thinking 360° political consulting firm

Our mission is to empower our clients with expert electioneering, policy, and governance advisory services.

At F-JAC Election Consultancy
, we drive impactful campaign initiatives, encompassing comprehensive policy suggestions, grassroots movements, strategic stakeholder alignment, riveting narrative-defining events, powerful social media amplification, and effective multimedia strategies.

Our Work

In order to best serve your campaign, F-JAC Election Consultancy offers a wide variety of options.

Campaign Strategy

Together, we'll devise a data-driven campaign strategy for your success in the current political climate.

Voter Analysis

With our assistance, you'll have a better grasp of the demographics, psychographics, and voting habits of your potential voters.

Digital Campaign Management

We master your digital campaign, amplifying your online presence with compelling content and strategic social media tactics to win more votes for you.

Post-Election Analysis

Post-election, we provide comprehensive analysis to assess your campaign's performance, understand voter behavior, and gather valuable insights for future elections.

Communication Planning

Crafting persuasive campaign materials that reach and influence voters through conventional and social media channels.


Strategic Research for Political Success in India - Empowering Informed Decision-making and Targeted Campaigns.

Why Choose us

Best Political Consultant in India!

In today's India, winning elections demands the expertise of reliable and experienced professionals to effectively manage your campaign; here's what you need.

Political Consulting

Navigating modern election dynamics with technology and strategic campaigns.

Strategic Mindshare

Reaching diverse electorates with professionally crafted campaigns

Evolving Campaigning

From paper stickers to social media, leveraging tech for winning elections.

Maximizing Impact

Professional political consulting ensures legal compliance and broadens political agendas' reach.

How We Work: Our Approach

Our strategy is direct and effective. We pay attention, analyze it, develop a plan, and carry it out. We will be by your side every step of the way during the campaign, from researching the political climate to developing and implementing effective strategies.

Initial Consultation

We start with a detailed consultation to learn about your specific requirements, goals, and the environment of your election campaign. We think each election campaign should be tailored specifically to the candidate running for office. Let us hear your story, your vision, and your goals.

Voter Analysis

Our team then performed an in-depth voter analysis after the consultation. Data analytics allows us to learn about the demographics, psychographics, and voting patterns of voters. Our strategy is built on this analysis, which will guarantee that your campaign will connect with voters.

Strategy Development

Using the results of the voter analysis, our seasoned strategists will develop a unique campaign plan that takes into account your desired outcomes and the current political climate. Included in this plan are messages, channels of communication, mobilization of supporters, and more.

Campaign Execution

After developing a strategy and a method of communicating it, we can move on to the implementation phase. From digital platform management to voter outreach program coordination, our team executes the campaign with precision. During this stage, we keep an eye on how things are going and make any changes we think will improve them.

Monitoring and Adjustments

Our strategy for running campaigns is similarly fluid. We're keeping a close eye on the campaign's success and the public's reaction to it as it unfolds. By making appropriate changes in a timely manner, we can keep your campaign on course and producing results.

Post-Election Analysis

The election isn't the end of our duties. After an election, we analyze the data to determine how successful the campaign was, how voters behaved, and what we can learn for future elections. Every campaign we run is an opportunity to grow as a company and as individuals.

Founder Of F-JAC Election Consultancy
Irfan Basha

Together, let's forge connections that fuel our aspirations and propel us towards greatness. With every step we take in the company of inspirational minds, we unlock our true potential and redefine what's possible.

Let's Start winning.

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