In order to best serve your campaign, F-JAC Election Consultancy offers a wide variety of options.

Our Services

Surveys & Analysis

Unearth the pulse of your electorate with our complete Surveys & Analysis service. Our team employs advanced methodologies to gather valuable data, providing you with invaluable insights into the political climate, helping to shape your strategies and campaigns.

Panchayat Reports

Stay informed and stay ahead with our detailed Panchayat Reports. We analyze local-level data, compile it, and present you with clear, concise reports that inform your strategic decisions and help you connect better with local demographics.

Booth Analysis

Equip your campaign with the advantage of Booth Analysis. Our team studies booth-level data to highlight patterns and trends, helping you understand and reach your voters more effectively.

Opposition Reports

Keep a keen eye on your competition with our Opposition Reports. We analyze your opponents' strategies and strengths, providing you with the information you need to stay one step ahead.

Karyakarta Management

Manage your ground force effectively with our Karyakarta Management service. We help you coordinate your party workers, volunteers, and supporters, ensuring a streamlined and effective campaign at the grassroots level.

Customized Campaign

Make your mark with our Customized Campaigns. We design unique, engaging campaigns that resonate with your electorate, ensuring your message is heard loud and clear.

Door-to-Door Campaigning

Connect with voters directly with our Door-to-Door Campaigning service. We help plan and execute effective door-to-door strategies, allowing for personal, persuasive interactions with your constituents.

War Room Services

Stay in control of your campaign with our War Room Services. From tracking real-time developments to making quick strategic decisions, we ensure your campaign runs smoothly and successfully.

Branding & Propaganda

Stand out from the crowd with our Branding & Propaganda service. We create compelling visuals and messages that align with your campaign goals, ensuring you make a lasting impression.

Digital Management

Boost your online presence with our Digital Management service. From social media campaigns on Facebook & WhatsApp to content creation and SEO, we ensure your digital platforms are leveraged to their full potential.

Mass Communication & PR

Reach out to the masses effectively with our Mass Communication & PR service. We manage your public communications, craft your narrative, and maintain your public image, ensuring a positive and impactful perception.

Telephony Services

Connect with your voters through our Telephony Services. We plan and execute SMS and IVRS campaigns, allowing you to reach a wider audience and keep them informed about your initiatives.

Data Management & Analysis

Leverage the power of data with our Data Management & Analysis service. We gather, manage, and analyze valuable data, providing you with actionable insights that can drive your campaign's success.

Media Scan & Planning

Stay on top of your media game with our Media Scan & Planning service. We keep track of your media coverage, plan your media interactions, and devise strategies to enhance your campaign's visibility.

Election Day War Room & Booth Training

Be fully prepared for the big day with our Election Day War Room & Booth Training service. We help manage election-day operations and provide comprehensive training for booth level agents, ensuring a smooth and successful election day.

Special Ops

Benefit from our Special Ops service for those unique campaign needs that require special attention and strategies. Our team is prepared to handle any curveballs and ensure your campaign success.